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Insurance and Billing Procedures

We recognize that you may have questions or concerns about our insurance and billing procedures. Please use the content of this section to learn about our billing process.  

  • Facility fees for your procedure at the OSC are for services including supplies, medications, equipment and nursing services. These fees are billed to your insurance company and are available upon request.
  • Separate fees for physician professional services are submitted to your insurance company by your physician’s office. Separate fees may be submitted for pathology and anesthesia services, if applicable, for your procedure.
  • Prior to your procedure we verify your insurance coverage and the amount of your deductible and any copay that is due to the OSC. An estimate is given to you prior to your procedure, but additional charges may be incurred depending on the procedures that were performed.
  • Copay and deductible payments are due on the day of your procedure. We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards excluding American Express with credit approval on the date of payment. We also accept CareCredit. If you would like to know more please reference FAQ below or call our business office. If you have questions regarding coverage, it is best for you to contact your insurance company.
  • As a courtesy, we file a claim with your insurance company for you. We ask you to sign an “assignment of benefits” form so that the check comes directly to the OSC. If the facility fees are more than anticipated, you will be billed for your share of the additional costs after the claim is processed by your insurance company. OSC bill does NOT include the services of your physician, anesthesia staff, pathologist or lab.

We strongly encourage you to personally contact your insurance company about your upcoming procedure. It is mandatory that YOU, as the insurance subscriber, confirm that all prior authorization information necessary to your specific policy is completed before your procedure date. You may be penalized by your insurance company if you don’t follow your policy guidelines. You must understand what your benefits cover and how this may affect you financially.

  • We will submit insurance claims for you. We may request that your deductible and copay amounts are paid on or before your procedure date. You will receive a phone call from us regarding the amount to pay. If you have not received a call from us regarding your deductible and coinsurance amounts within 24 hours of your procedure and you know your plan benefits will require a payment, please call and ask to speak with our Insurance Verification clerk.
  • Full payment is due within 60 days from your date of service. Please contact your insurance company directly if you experience any delays. YOU are responsible for guaranteeing payment on your account and being aware of your individual policy restrictions and benefits.
  • Your insurance company, including Worker’s Compensation, auto (no fault) and personal injury, is legally responsible to you. Our relationship is with you, our patient, not your insurance company. Consequently, all charges incurred are your responsibility. The obligation to assure payment in a timely manner lies with you regardless of what your insurance company chooses to do. You should normally receive a response from your insurance company within 30 days of your date of service. If you experience a delay, it is expected that you contact your insurance company to check the status of your claim and to expedite payment. Please call our Business Office at 870-935-8500 if you encounter a problem with your insurance company and need our assistance.
  • OSC’s policy is to turn over to a collection agency all accounts which are delinquent. You will be responsible for any collection fees that are incurred.
  • We utilize Credit Bureau of Jonesboro as our collection agencies.  


We accept assignment of benefits.  

Your copay amount is due on or before your date of service. We will submit your bill directly to your private insurance company. A bill will be sent to your secondary insurance upon receipt of payment or denial from your primary insurance. If you have no secondary insurance, a bill will be sent to you for any balance after receipt of payment or denial from your insurance company. We must make a copy of each insurance card at the time of registration.  

You will be contacted prior to your surgery with an estimated cost for your procedure. A discounted payment is due in full on or before the date of service. If unable to pay the discounted rate in full on date of service see our payment plan options for payment of the non discounted rate. .  

We value all input questions and comments. Please use our provided contact methods so that we can direct your correspondence to the correct individual.  

[email protected]  

  • It is your right as a patient to request information or have questions answered regarding our fees or payment policies. If you have any questions or problems regarding your bill, please contact our business office at 870-935-8500. We are happy to help you between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

There are a number of separate charges associated with your procedure. You MAY receive charges from several companies.
1. St. Bernard’s Reference Lab
2. Jonesboro Anesthesia, PLLC
3. Your physician’s office – his/her fee for performing your procedure
4. Doctors Anatomic Pathology – services for tissue specimens removed during your procedure requiring further examination

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover. We do not accept American Express. We accept CareCredit.

We will bill you any balance due after your insurance company has paid your claim. There may be a delay if your insurance company has paid us incorrectly and we have re-submitted your claim for a corrected payment and allowance determination.


We ask that all estimated balances are paid in full on the date of service. If you are unable to pay the balance in full we offer 4 options:
1) We accept all major credit cards excluding American Express.
2) We accept CareCredit.
3) We will accept 50% of you estimated balance on the day of service. The remaining 50% must be paid in 30 days via automatic payment, either by card or ACH.
4) We will accept 50% of you estimated balance on the day of service. The remaining 50% may be paid in 2 equal monthly payments due within 60 days via automatic payment, either by card or ACH.*
*This option is only available to patients with an estimated balance greater than $500.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card. For more information please visit their website at www.carecredit.com or call them at 800-677-0718.

We are dedicated to reducing the cost of your medical care. In fact, we do not itemize invoices since most procedures have established charges. You will receive separate invoices from us, your physician, CRNA, lab and pathologist.

All bad debts to the center must be paid in full prior to additional procedures being performed. For full details of estimated payment options please refer to payment plan question above.


Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us.

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Insurance Plans

Most common insurance plans we accept:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Advantage
Medicare Railroad
Municipal Healthcare
Tricare for Life
United Healthcare
Workers Comp
Self Pay  

If your insurance company is not listed, it may be considered to be part of one of the networks listed above. Please call our office at 870-935-8500 and ask to talk with the insurance department for more information.