Children & Special Needs Adults

Special Care for Children

Here at Outpatient Surgery Center of Jonesboro, we “Kater 2 Kids”.   We would like to take this opportunity to explain the process that both you and your child will experience at our facility.

  •  Shortly after being checked in by our friendly business office staff, you will be called back to our Pre-op area by one of our nurses.
  •  Here, in the Pre-op area, your child will be weighed and may be asked to change into one of our gowns.  Parents may be asked to answer a few quick health history questions.  A sedative liquid may be given to your child based on the type of surgery they are having done.  This will help in the calming of the child prior to going to the operating room.  Our Anesthesiologist on site will introduce himself, review the chart and explain the method used in putting your child to sleep.
  •  One of the operating room nurses will come into the pre-op area, introduce themselves and ask a few clarifying questions to ensure we are all on the same page.  The parents or guardians will be asked to wait in the waiting room while the child is either carried or wheeled on the stretcher back to the OR.  If an IV is required for surgery this will be placed in the OR after the child is under anesthesia.  The IV will be wrapped in a secure way and is presented to the child in recovery as a “glove” and where pain medicine can be given through a “button” on the tubing.
  •  As soon as the surgery is over, the OR nurse will call out to the front office and have the family placed in a consultation room.  This is where the physician will come in and talk with the family.
  •  After speaking with the physician, the family will return to the waiting room while the child is taken to Phase I of recovery.  The child will be sleepy during this time and closely monitored by our recovery room nurses.  This phase of recovery can last up to an hour depending on the type of surgery.
  •  Next, the child will be transferred to Phase II of recovery where the family will be able to sit/ rock/ hold child until discharge.  This recovery time usually takes approximately 30 minutes until ready for discharge.

Special Care For Special Needs Adults

We understand that loved ones who depend upon others for daily living require special attention.  Besides the guidelines in the Day Before Your Procedure and the Day of Your Procedure, the following tips, will help make care for these adults easier:

  • Consent the legal guardian needs to sign the consent for the procedure and anesthesia on the day of the procedure.
  • For Admission Please bring the patient’s recent health history and medication information.  Be certain to follow the food and drink rules in the Day Before Your Procedure section.
  • Personal Attendant As with other patients, special needs patients require a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult to remain at the center from admission through recovery.  It is recommended that a personal attendant stays with the patient until the morning following their procedure.

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